Vision and mission

The widespread use of technology and computers has become a part of our lives, bringing about changes in habits and worldviews. Geographical distances are "shortened"; information has become accessible, fast, and open to everyone; new ways of conducting dialogue and cooperating are being developed, and with the press of a button one can do many things that previously required effort and leaving the home.

Snunit's mission is to harness these positive changes to improve the methods of learning and teaching in educational systems and to enable all learners an equal opportunity to enjoy them. Snunit believes that acquiring computer and Internet skills at a young age may result in the reduction of digital, social, and financial gaps in society and in the training of a future generation that is creative, open and tolerant, possesses independent and critical thinking, and which, with the assistance of a supportive environment, will bring about fundamental changes in Israel and worldwide.

Through Internet-based instruments and unique frameworks developed by Snunit, Snunit promotes a new type of multi-cultural discourse and cooperation through the inclusion of a variety of opinions and sectors of society, which contribute to the development and strength of pluralism in society.

The Vision: To be a proactive, innovative, and leading organization in the field of online education. An organization that realizes anew, every time, the added value of technology in promoting learning, teaching, and evaluation processes in the 21st century.

Our Mission: To create conditions for personal and social growth by raising the level of education, reducing the digital gap, and providing a pluralistic answer to the diversity of learners in Israel and worldwide.