Galim Internet Portal

Galim is a Hebrew learning environment, the first of its kind on the Internet, and the largest and most comprehensive educational content portal for elementary school children. Galim offers teachers and students an abundance of online educational content in Hebrew, Internet sources, learning aides, and communication tools, all of which are adapted to elementary school curriculum and complement it. The Galim Internet Portal addresses all elementary school subjects.

Kids Gov – The Government Portal for Children

"Kids Gov" is a joint project between Snunit and the E-Government section in the Ministry of Finance. The goal of the project is to impart values, knowledge, and skills that are relevant to the lives of children in the present and to their future lives as adults in Israeli society. To achieve this goal, the "Kids Gov" portal exposes children to several main topics including (these are in various stages of development): keeping a healthy and active lifestyle; education for preservation of the environment; financial education; principles of educated, safe, and fair use of the internet; frugal and wise use of water and energy sources; development of tools for safe behavior; and internalization of the value of the welfare state. Engagement with these topics is carried out in an experiential and enjoyable manner in an environment brimming with animation, games, and exciting flash activities.

The "Kids Gov" Portal is intended for all Israeli children, both Hebrew and Arabic speaking, aged 8 – 14, and is free of charge. In order to realize the goal of making the portal accessible to all children, the Snunit Center has embraced the goal of translating the entire portal into Arabic, for the benefit of the children of the Arabic sector in Israel. To date, the entire site "My Money" has been translated into Arabic and appears in the portal in both languages.

Children in the Ghetto

"Children in the Ghetto" is a website about children, written for children. It portrays life during the Holocaust from the viewpoint of children who lived in the ghetto, while attempting to make the complex experience of life in the ghetto as accessible as possible to today's children.

Along with the description of the hardships of ghetto life, it also presents the courage, steadfastness and creativity involved in the children's lives. One of the most important messages to be learned is that despite the hardships, there were those who struggled to maintain humanitarian and philanthropic values, care for one another, and continue a cultural and spiritual life.


Invitation to Piyut

The vast majority of the poetic and musical creativity of the Jews emerged in various Diaspora communities during the past two millennia. Since the founding of the State of Israel and the immigration of the majority of these ancient Diaspora communities to Israel, large sections of the great tradition of piyut have been lost or forgotten. Finding access to the remnants that remain is not easy, therefore, the goal of this website is to provide an online collaborative collection and the widest possible view into the world of piyut, from the distant past until today. The challenge of the website “Invitation to Piyut” is to succeed in expressing this rich totality authentically, by providing a platform that will allow us to connect to and share all of our historical and traditional piyutim. We aim to gather in one online location a meaningful selection of piyutim from all Jewish cultures in a manner that recognizes the varied styles and influences existing in the Jewish tradition, turning the website into an “international home” for piyut.

Adventure City

Adventure City is an online learning English environment for young and Elementary School learners designed in conjunction with English Adventure Ltd. and based on the comprehensive story and games'-based program "My First English Adventure". The Adventure City site is a fun, colorful, interactive and motivating website suitable to meet the needs of young English learners from various linguistic backgrounds.


Making Waves

Making Waves is an online learning environment and training program that aims at preparing English as a Foreign language (EFL) and English as a Second language (ESL) pupils for the challenges of our modern information society. The Making Waves program has a double mission: to use the Internet as a tool for motivating English learning and raising English proficiency, and to use English studies as an opportunity for developing information technology skills and web literacy.


The On the Ground Edition of Tznunit and Netzah

"The On the Ground Edition of Tznunit and Netzah" is a unique multi-channel educational program intended for children ages 9 – 12, parents, and teachers. The goal of the program is to arouse interest and curiosity in children with regards to broadening their basic knowledge of Jewish and Israeli heritage and understanding related concepts, values and terms. Through short animated films and an accompanying Internet site, we aim to turn the engagement with Judaism and Israel's heritage, history, and culture into a meaningful and relevant experience for children in this day and age.

At the heart of the program lies an edition of investigative news reports that cover great moments, raise important questions, and expose heroes and heroines in the history and heritage of the people of Israel.



In the "Circles" program we embark on a journey of discovery and investigation of values and concepts in Jewish culture, through an innovative learning model that combines short animation movies, sites, and activities. The use of different media enables the transmission of a significant yet pluralistic and intriguing message within a short time, which creates a trigger for the teachers and pupils to continue deeper learning and enquiry processes.

"Circles" is a primary axis that can be the foundation for a significant encounter of young learners, their parents and teachers with four main circles of study of Jewish heritage: the circle of the year, the circle of symbols and ceremonies, the circle of life, and the historical-national circle.


The Bible in Comics

In the framework of the "MikraNet" project, the Snunit Center has developed a unique model for presenting biblical stories in the format of a live comic, which combines comics and animation with biblical passages. The live comic presents the best of the bible's stories verbatim, in the visual language of comics, which allows for the dissection, punctuation, and clarification of passages with the assistance of drawings and animation to illustrate the stories and add interest and a sense of action. The ancient passages come to life in a new and exciting medium, while being accompanied by precise drawings and fluent and contemporary narration along with artistic music. The model of live comics invites the surfers to meet the biblical text as it was written, through providing aides for dealing with the text. The biblical stories presented in this new media encourage activity following the story, personal interpretation and creativity and enable development of thinking skills and identity investigation.

The live comics chapters are accompanied by complete units of content, which deal with understanding the words and expressions in the story, understanding the sequence of events in the story, and in-depth thinking about the values and dilemmas raised by the story in relation to contemporary times. All of this with the help of games, quizzes, writing, and creative work.


Ya Salam

Within the framework of the project "Language as a cultural bridge", Snunit has created a website for the study of spoken Arabic, which allows children in the 5th -6th grade to acquire skills, practice, and understand the language in its cultural context. We developed the project "Language as a cultural bridge" believing that language represents identity, culture, and tradition, and is not solely a means of communication. Knowledge of the Arabic language and culture, the other's heritage, and the ability to use the language in daily life will enable a dialog of equals and will contribute to furthering the mutual understanding between Jews and Arabs, based on mutual respect and equality.